bill simon testimonials

“Bill Simon has a wealth of practical and useful information to share with young dentists from his highest highs and his lowest lows…. He has lived the All American dream most dentists hope for….yet he has had several hiccups along the way that could have turned his American dream into his worst nightmare! But it didn’t. New dentists will be impressed, enlightened and in awe of Bill Simon’s secret of staying on track through each event that can (and most likely) will happen in a seasoned dentist’s career.”

Linda Miles, Founder Linda Miles & Associates
Founder, Speaking Consulting Network
Co Founder, Oral Cancer Cause

“I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Simon present to a group of dentistry’s best speakers at the 2015 Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) Annual Meeting. Dr. Simon’s presentation was both engaging and motivating. He shared the many challenges his practice has survived, and how those challenges allowed him to become one of the best business owners, team leaders, and dentists in the country. Dr. Simon speaks from the heart, is humble, and shares advice that every dentist and business owner can either relate to or find hope in.”

Rita Zamora
Social Media Marketing & Training

“Dr. Bill Simon’s showcase presentation was inspiring! His willingness and openness to share his obstacles and failures as well as the steps he took to reach his success is both powerful and relevant information that will help new dentists fast track to their success! He shares real life lessons that inspire, empower and give hope to new dentists to overcome the obstacles they encounter in owning a practice.“

Judy Kay Mausolf
Speaker, Coach, Author

“Few dentists have the depth and breadth of real-world practice experience that Dr. Bill Simon possesses. Dr. Simon shares his knowledge freely as one who has ‘been there, done that’. New dentists (and students) gain invaluable skills and systems through his speaking and consulting programs. His programs have something to offer the dentist at any stage of his/her career and have been very well received. Highly recommended!”

Vanessa Emerson, Founder
Directory of Dental Speakers