Oct 2022Becker’s Healthcare Panel
Mar 2022 Chicago Dental Society North Suburban Branch
Sep 2021Chicago Dental Society Regional Meeting
Sep 2021American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Annual Session
Dec 2020University of Illinois Chicago-College of Dentistry
Feb 2020University of Illinois Chicago-College of Dentistry
Jan 2020Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine–Illinois
Feb 2020Chicago Midwinter Meeting
Sep 2019Hullings Orthodontics Wichita, KS
May 2019Iowa Dental Association
Feb 2019Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting
July 2018West Virginia Dental Association
May 2018Indiana Dental Association and IU School of Dentistry
Apr 2018Western Regional Dental Experience
Mar 2018Chicago Dental Society Northside Branch
Feb 2018Star of the South
Apr 2017Michigan Dental Association
Mar 2017Star of the South
Feb 2017Chicago Midwinter Meeting
Sep 2016American Association of Dental Office Managers
May 2016South Dakota Dental Association
Jan 2016Rocky Mountain Dental Convention
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Nov 2013Columbia University